Over 17,000 IndieHackers Products

Explore all IndieHackers products and their founders enriched with extensive information straight from Twitter.

Niche Datasets by ExportData - Over 17k Products and 14k Founders | Product Hunt

Extensive & Actionable Information

Over 7,000 Founders Emails

All emails are verified and publicly available. All founders agree to be approached by fellow founders.

Over 16,000 Twitter Handles

Information about products and founders is enriched with Twitter data.

Over 14,000 Founders

Full name, location, biography and Twitter profile information available.

Over 17,000 Products

Product category, revenue model, funding, revenue, website, tagline, location and more included!

Up to Date

We update our dataset frequently to ensure you have the most up to date information.

70 Data Points

We collect 41 data points for each product and 29 data points for each founder.

Pay once, own it forever

Get over 70 data points about IndieHackers products and their founders.

What's included

  • Product name

  • Product location

  • Product employee count

  • Product category

  • Product revenue

  • Product description

  • Product Twitter data

  • Founder full name

  • Founder location

  • Founder email

  • Founder Twitter data

(2.8 cent per lead)

$499 $249 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive the dataset immediately after the payment. We will send you a CSV download link to your email.